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At Scarborough Gardens Patio Shop we have a broad range of products and prices designed to meet your needs. We have the best selection of styles in patio furniture, umbrellas, outdoor heaters, fireplaces, and other patio furnishings. Visit the Patio Shop.


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Hidden Treasures Gift Shop is a full-service gift store—that focuses on outdoor and indoor living. We have a wonderful selection of gifts that includes jewelry, kitchenware, small kitchen appliances, cards and artwork. Shipping, delivery and complimentary gift-wrapping is also available. Visit the Gift Shop.

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At Scarborough Gardens you’ll find three complete stores, all in one place! If you are looking for the right plant for your garden or the perfect gift for your friend you’ll find it here.

Garden Guide for June 2015

Get Ready for
Summer Celebrations

With so many celebrations happening in June you may be thinking it’s hard to find time to garden, but don’t despair! Spend a little time insuring your watering systems are working well, your hoses are ready and your plants are mulched. Use our handy garden guide to get you going, then sit back relax and enjoy entertaining in style with Ipe Wood Patio Furniture, while enjoying sweet Raspberry Shortcake raspberries. These sweet treats are so easy to plant and take care of— you’ll be amazed!

Remember we are always ready and willing to help you get your garden ready for summer parties (or celebrations any time of the year), so come on in and visit us—no matter what you’re celebrating, we’ve always got a moment to say congratulations!

Entertain in Style with Ipe Wood Furniture

Jensen Ipe Wood Furniture

Ipe Wood Furniture by Jensen Leisure

Get ready to entertain family and friends with some of the most elegant and comfortable patio furniture available. Ipe is a strikingly beautiful, chocolate colored wood that weathers with beauty and elegance. It is incredibly strong, dense, and durable. The styles available include traditional and modern designs that have stood the test of time. This product is crafted from 100% FSC certified wood indicating the company is working to maintain the long term, well-being of the forest and the people that depend on it.

Choose from selections in stock and ready to take home, or order your favorite combination.

We are your one-stop shop for all your outdoor living needs including:

  • Telescope Casual Furniture
  • Ace Hardware Furniture
  • Outdoor Cushions (NEW 2015 Styles and Patterns)
  • Umbrellas and Stands
  • Outdoor Party Lights (Including NEW Solar Designs)
  • Thermometers
  • Fire Pits
  • Furniture Covers

Check out our Large Showroom of Patio Furniture filled with fabulous options for all styles and budgets.

Delivery is available. Ask for details!

Raspberry Shortcake for Summertime Treats

Raspberry ShortcakeOne of our favorite raspberries is a new thornless, dwarf introduction. Monrovia Nursery describes it clearly… “Raspberry Shortcake™ is the result of a decade-long breeding program that has focused on finding exciting new berry plants for the home gardener that are simple to grow, exceptionally beautiful, and delicious. This dwarf, thornless red raspberry has an endearing, rounded growth habit and thrives in a large patio pot or in the landscape. It will nicely fill out any container, and requires no staking! Spreads slightly in the landscape. Self-fertile, yielding large, nutritious, super sweet berries in mid-summer.”

For varieties like this one that produce on second year canes, care is simple: just prune canes to the ground that have produced berries immediately after harvest. The canes that remain will produce next year’s fruit.

Other varieties of raspberries available include Fall Gold, Heritage, Indian Summer and Canby Red. Planting several varieties that produce at various times of the summer will enable you and your family to enjoy this healthy treat for months!

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Garden Checklist for June


Choose Water-Saving Plants
Check water systems to ensure they are working properly and that you are not wasting precious water. Install Drip Irrigation Systems to more efficiently water your garden.


Invest in Hose Nozzles with shut-off feature to prevent excess loss of water when hand watering pots and garden areas.


Mulch your planting areas with Bark Chips to help conserve water, reduce weeds, keep roots cool, and give a professional “finished” appearance to the landscape.


Monitor your plants for pests
Bring them in to the nursery in a plastic bag so we can try to identify the problem and help you find the right product to remedy the situation. We stock complete lines of organic and conventional pest control products. There are four great products that we recommend for organic gardeners: Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Brew (with Spinosad) for insect control, Concern’s Copper Soap Fungicide or Serenade for disease control and Sluggo for snail and slug control.


Clean ponds and fountains
We have products that can help reduce algae and clarify the water. We also have a nice selection of pond plants to add beauty to your water feature.


Add splendor to porches and patios
Plant large colorful glazed pots with mixed bouquets of annual and perennial flowers. They will enhance your outdoor areas for you and all your guests to enjoy.

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Water Wisely

We want to encourage plant lovers to garden wisely by following a few important water conserving tips. For more info go to

1. Spread 1-3 inches of mulch around all plants especially newly planted ones. For each inch of mulch you use, you reduce water usage up to ten percent.

2. Check your soil for moisture BEFORE watering to see if it is really necessary. Established gardens can often go for weeks without needing water depending on your soil type and the weather.

3. When you do water, apply it slowly and for an extended period of time. This will help reduce run off and encourage deep roots.

4. Follow your Water District Rules and Regulations for outdoor water use.

5. Do not over fertilize with high nitrogen fertilizers. Nitrogen increases soft new growth which then requires more water to support the plant.

6. Reduce the size of plants by pruning excess growth.

Even if you are planting less, there is always something to do in the garden…especially if it’s just simply enjoying it! To help you achieve that, you may wish to upgrade your patio furniture, or replace an old umbrella or add a fire pit so you can extend your time outdoors after sundown. We can help you get your summertime fun off to a great start!