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Welcome to Scarborough Gardens

At Scarborough Gardens you’ll find three complete stores, all in one place! If you are looking for the right plant for your garden or the perfect gift for your friend you’ll find it here.

Garden Guide for September 2017

Inspiring Ideas to Keep your Garden Thriving

Fall is here—it’s true, and with it comes the time to prep and refresh your garden and patio. Our Garden Guide is a handy way to help make your garden thrive. And we’ve got a couple of recommendations for your garden that we hope will inspire you! We recommend Ornamental Grasses—they’re not just for the side of the road! Ornamental Grasses can add texture and color to an otherwise drab garden. You can read more about them below. We’d also like to suggest adding a POP of color to your garden and patio with some Talavera Pottery. These unique pieces add vibrancy and color a garden, patio or even an office. Whatever your garden or patio needs are we are here to inspire you. Come and see us and let the inspiration begin!

The Grass is Always Greener and Prettier
in Your Garden

Ornamental Grasses

You see them everywhere right now, tall wispy blooms standing tall over the tops of purple Pennisetum, green Calamagrostis and other golden grasses. Besides being deer resistant and somewhat drought tolerant, they are a low-maintenance way to add color and texture to your garden. Some grasses are deciduous and will need to be cut back in late winter or early spring as new growth emerges, others are tough and will remain colorful all winter long. Ornamental Grasses are excellent for containers and also great in the ground, but be sure to plant them in a gopher basket! We currently have a wide selection of ornamental grasses on hand in every size and texture you could wish for.

A POP of Color for your Garden, Office or Home

Talavera Pottery

Talavera is an ancient art form that was brought to Mexico from Spain in the 1530’s. This style of art uses many color schemes to create amazing, mosaic-style pieces. These hand painted, one-of-a kind pieces have patterns and colors that are unique. Our stock includes not only traditional pots and urns but also animal shaped pots, garden spheres, and many whimsical wall décor figures. The wall décor includes suns, moons, geckos, and others which can decorate walls in your home, garden, and patio.  Succulents and houseplants look fabulous when displayed in the colorful pots. Wow your friends by adding a pop-of-color in your home or your office with these beautiful pots and décor! Today Talavera Pottery is still very popular in Mexico where you can see this colorful art displayed throughout the country.  Let us save you a trip…come in to see these beautiful pieces displayed throughout the store.

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September Garden Guide

Get Ready for Fall Planting!


Invest in quality tools. Fall foliage color is starting, and so is the need to start fall cleanup of your garden. Make your job easy with quality tools including rakes, pruning shears, and gloves. We stock top brands including Felco, Corona, and Fiskars pruning tools, and others.


Re-evaluate your garden. Prepare to re-design unattractive areas with water conserving plants, including edibles, which will provide you and your family with healthy, fresh food. Some excellent low water choices include Persimmons, Pineapple Guavas, Apples, and Pomegranates. Add California, Australian and South African natives to add color and texture to the garden. For best results amend soil with Gardner & Bloome Organic Harvest Supreme, which has 15% chicken manure, no need to add more! Already have a chicken coop and manure? Use Gardner & Bloome Organic Planting Mix and add your own. Remember FALL is the BEST time for planting!


Spread Wildflower Seeds. California Poppies, Lupines, and Toadflax are particularly successful and beautiful in our climate, and are deer resistant! To get the best results sow seed from mid-September to mid-October, keep the area cleared of competing weeds, and water when rain is followed by a dry spell if they’ve started to germinate. Check out our Guide to Success for Planting Wildflowers.


Divide and plant perennials so they become well rooted before spring (such as irises, day lilies, alstroemeria, vinca, dietes, and naked lady bulbs after the blooms are spent).


Prune cautiously. Don’t be tempted to severely prune ornamental grasses until February when new growth is visible. If the dried grass is unsightly, trim back tops to 12" above the ground; the extra protection will help in the cold winter months. Trim shorter as new growth emerges in spring.


Now is the time to start cool season flowers and veggies from seed. Examples include spinach, kale, broccoli, lettuce, beets, carrots, peas, radish, turnips, pansies, violas, calendulas, etc. For those of us not near the coast, you may want to wait until the end of the month to set out your seedling, or Jumbo 6-packs starts. Use Gardner & Bloome Fertilizers and Gardner & Bloome Harvest Supreme for best results.


Spring Blooming Bulbs arrive around the middle of this month. Purchase your favorites early for best selection, but wait to plant them until October through November when the weather is cooler, and we have had a little rain. Keep tulips and hyacinths refrigerated in a paper bag in an empty vegetable compartment for 4-6 weeks before planting. Bulbs should not be stored in the same space with fruits and veggies. Use Gardner & Bloome Bulb Planting Mix with Gardner & Bloome Fish Meal Fertilizer to help you succeed.

Water Wisely

Even though we experienced a very wet winter, we want to encourage plant lovers to garden wisely by following a few important water conserving tips. These suggestions will help you be successful in your yard every year, wet or dry! For more info, go to

  1. 1. Spread 1-3 inches of mulch around all plants, especially newly planted ones. For each inch of mulch you use, you reduce water usage up to 10%.

    2. Check your soil for moisture BEFORE watering to see if it is really necessary. Established gardens can often go for weeks without needing water depending on your soil type and the weather.

    3. When you do water, apply it slowly and for an extended period of time. This will help reduce runoff and encourage deep roots.

    4. Do not over fertilize with high nitrogen fertilizers. Nitrogen increases soft new growth which then requires more water to support the plant.

    5. Reduce the size of plants by pruning excess growth.

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