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Garden Guide for October 2014

We’ve Got You Covered

There’s a chill in the air and that can only mean one thing—fall is here! At Scarborough Gardens we’ve got everything you need to get ready for the upcoming cooler months. From double duty beautiful, air-purifying plants, cool season veggies and flowers and ghoulish Halloween décor we are your go to store for fall. Be sure to visit us and check out our large selection of cool weather plants and shrubs and don’t forget to stock up on soil amendments and fertilizer. Whatever your home and garden needs are this fall Scarborough Gardens has you covered.

Double Duty Plants


Houseplants for Air Purifying

There are several houseplants that have been credited with helping purify the air indoors. Some of the most common ones include the Boston Fern, Chinese Evergreen, Dracaena, Ficus, Ivy, Peace Lily, Philodendron, Pothos and Spider Plants. One of our favorites is the Dracaena, which is highly regarded for their foliage and can be solid green or beautifully variegated. Dracaena d. ‘LimeLight’ is a variety with foliage that combines dramatic lime green and dark green striped patterns on the leaves. Another favorite is Dracaena m. ‘Tricolor’ that has narrow leaves striped pink, cream and green. They both can get over four feet tall and take on the appearance of small trees with bare trunks and attractive clusters of foliage at the top. They are best if fertilized regularly and kept moist during their active growing season (March-October), during the winter, water when soil is dry about 1 inch down. They thrive in medium to bright light locations. We stock a beautiful selection of all the varieties listed above to help keep your air cleaner and home beautiful.

Show Your Spooky Side

Halloween Decor

Halloween is the time of year to get spooky! We have stocked up on a large selection of ghoulish products to make decorating a fun experience for everyone. From spooky and cute, all the way to scary and gruesome décor we’ve got the look you want. This year we have added “trick or treat” bag stuffers including Halloween character light up toys, monster cookie assortments, witch’s brew drink mix, and quick n’ easy costume choices. Wall décor can be used easily to transform your surroundings. We have skeletons, owls, witches, pumpkins and more to help you create the holiday look you want. Come visit us soon and get everything you need for a scary Halloween home.

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October 2014 Garden Guide

Because we all understand the need to conserve water this year, we want to encourage plant lovers to garden wisely by following a few important water conserving tips.
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Plant Garlic. This is the best time to plant garlic. There are lots of choices available and at their best for many varieties grown organically including the most popular one grown in Gilroy, the Early Italian Purple. Also look for unusual varieties including Elephant garlic, softneck varieties such as Italian Late, Inchelium Red, and Silver Rose, or hardneck varieties such as Spanish Roja and German Red. Click on this month’s very informative video from Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden Supply on how to plant, care and harvest your garlic.


Plant hardy shrubs, trees, vines, perennials, bulbs and cool season veggies and flowers. This is a very good time to plant California natives. We recommend using Gardner & Bloome Starter Fertilizer (4-3-2) for natives that are sensitive to high phosphorus fertilizers.


Plant Cool Season Vegetables. Fresh, organic plant starts are arriving weekly. Some of our favorites that are especially good to add to your healthy diet include kale, spinach and other leafy greens. Plant other cool season favorites such as carrots, radishes and onions from seed. If you are not planting in your veggie garden until next spring, sow seeds of a cover crop to help restore nutrients, organic matter, and reduce erosion of your soil. For bigger and better veggies add Gardner & Bloome Harvest Supreme and Gardener & Bloome Vegetable & Herb Fertilizer to your soil.


Slopes or recently cleared land may need a quick cover before winter rains start. We offer several types of erosion control seed for you to choose from. For highly visible areas, sow wildflower seeds that will produce a kaleidoscope of color in spring.


Select and plant your spring blooming Bulbs. Incorporate Gardner & Bloome Fish Bone Meal and Bulb Planting Mix into the soil for best results. If you are digging up your summer blooming bulbs that are finished for the year, such as dahlias, gladiolus and begonias, wash them thoroughly and rinse with a bleach solution of 3 tablespoons bleach per gallon of water and let dry. Store them in a paper bag until next spring. This will help keep them healthy and reduce fungus problems.

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