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At Scarborough Gardens you’ll find three complete stores, all in one place! If you are looking for the right plant for your garden or the perfect gift for your friend you’ll find it here.

Garden Guide for November 2015

Winterize your Garden

As the weather turns cooler (or at least we hope it will!), it’s time to winterize your garden with cool season flowers, and plant your spring blooming bulbs. You’ll need some good soil amendments, and we recommend Gardner & Bloome Farmyard Blend. Old MacDonald had a great garden, and this blend is why! This is also a great time to eliminate pesky bugs and protect your potted plants. Our Garden Guide can easily guide you through the process. And when it does turn cold, and you need to protect your tootsies from the elements, visit our Gift Shop for Noelle Boot Socks—they also make a great gift.

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Turn Your Farm into Old MacDonald’s Farm

Gardner & Bloome Farmyard BlendGardner & Bloome Farmyard Blend

The manufacturer of this useful amendment explains to its customers the reason they created this wonderful old-fashion product: “In Grandpa’s day, it was common knowledge that old McDonald had the best garden, and it was no secret why. Thanks to a menagerie around the farmyard, his soil never lacked a natural supply of organic additives to keep it lush and productive. Well, times have changed, and most of us don’t have chickens, ducks, cows and other farmyard friends in the backyard to help out our gardens. Gardner & Bloome put together a mixture of favorite traditional manures plus a dash of long lasting rice hulls and forest humus to improve aeration and longevity in the soil. This blend is then composted to perfection, reducing odor, eliminating weed seeds and improving the texture.”

We here at Scarborough Gardens love this product, particularly at this time of the year, as a top or side dressing around established fruit trees, shrubs, roses and in vegetable and flower beds. You can incorporate it into the soil or lay a 2” layer over the top and let the natural rainfalls aid in its penetration into the soil.

Comfy, Cozy, and Warm

Noelle Boot SocksSimply Noelle
Boot Socks

This is the time of year when we love to start to layer up our clothing and get snuggly. To keep you warm this winter, Scarborough Gardens Gift Shop has brought in Simply Noelle Boot Socks. Whatever your style preference is, we have great choices for you including fun stripes, classic foldover button, and elegant crochet lace scrunch. They are available in an assortment of bright colors as well as subdued, heathered shades. They also make a great gift or stocking stuffers. All socks are one size fits most, so it eliminates the headache of worrying about size choices. Feel cute instead of bulky this winter by staying warm the stylish way. Come in soon for the best selection because once the weather turns cool, they will be a HOT ITEM!

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November Garden Guide


Add cool season flowers to your garden such as Iceland poppies, Calendula, Primroses, Violas, Pansies, Linaria, and Cyclamen.


Plant your spring blooming bulbs such as Daffodils, Hyacinth, Iris, and Freesias. Because the gophers love Tulips, plant them in decorative pots that you can put at your front door or patio when they start to bud and bloom! For best results, incorporate organic Gardner & Bloome Bulb Planting Mix and Fish Bone Meal into your planting area.


Keep leaves which have fallen on your lawn and on plants cleared and raked. If left unattended, they will bury your plants and cause them to rot.


Remove dead blossoms and stems on Pansies, Cyclamen, Calendula and Primroses to prevent fungus and bacteria from spreading and infecting new flower buds.


Use organic Sluggo Plus to prevent slugs, snails, sowbugs, and earwigs from nibbling at your winter veggies, especially lettuce. Apply three times at 10-14-day intervals to stop the life cycle of these pests.


The first application of organic Monterey Liqui-Cop Disease Control combined with Summit Year-Round Spray Oil should be applied to your fruit trees, Dogwoods, and Lilacs when the leaves drop.


Protect your frost sensitive plants by covering them with frost blankets or frost bags. We have affordable mini and pop-up Greenhouses available in several sizes for a more permanent solution.


To keep outdoor container plants happy and healthy, remove their saucers and store them until next year, or turn them upside down under the pots, or fill them with rocks so that the pot is not sitting in trays of water through the rainy season.

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Water Wisely

We want to encourage plant lovers to garden wisely by following a few important water conserving tips. For more info go to

1. Spread 1-3 inches of mulch around all plants especially newly planted ones. For each inch of mulch you use, you reduce water usage up to ten percent.

2. Check your soil for moisture BEFORE watering to see if it is really necessary. Established gardens can often go for weeks without needing water depending on your soil type and the weather.

3. When you do water, apply it slowly and for an extended period of time. This will help reduce run off and encourage deep roots.

4. Follow your Water District Rules and Regulations for outdoor water use.

5. Do not over fertilize with high nitrogen fertilizers. Nitrogen increases soft new growth which then requires more water to support the plant.

6. Reduce the size of plants by pruning excess growth.

Even if you are planting less, there is always something to do in the garden…especially if it’s just simply enjoying it! To help you achieve that, you may wish to upgrade your patio furniture, or replace an old umbrella or add a fire pit so you can extend your time outdoors after sundown. We can help you get your summertime fun off to a great start!