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At Scarborough Gardens Patio Shop we have a broad range of products and prices designed to meet your needs. We have the best selection of styles in patio furniture, umbrellas, outdoor heaters, fireplaces, and other patio furnishings. Visit the Patio Shop.


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Hidden Treasures Gift Shop is a full-service gift store—that focuses on outdoor and indoor living. We have a wonderful selection of gifts that includes jewelry, kitchenware, small kitchen appliances, cards and artwork. Shipping, delivery and complimentary gift-wrapping is also available. Visit the Gift Shop.

Welcome to Scarborough Gardens

At Scarborough Gardens you’ll find three complete stores, all in one place! If you are looking for the right plant for your garden or the perfect gift for your friend you’ll find it here.

Garden Guide for July 2014

Brighten your Garden with Flowers

Ahhhh, summer. What a great time to relax, under the shade of your umbrella and play with the kids. It’s easy to do with our large collection of puzzles and summer project kits, and our assortment of Treasure Garden Umbrellas. While relaxing if your see your garden is in need of some color don’t worry, be sure to read our garden guide for a great tip on using cut flowers to add color to your garden during this water restricted time.

Playtime for the Entire Family!

Ipe Wood Furniture by Jensen Leisure

Puzzles and Kid’s Summer Project Kits

July is a great month for participating in activities that the entire family can enjoy. We have a wonderful assortment of Springbok Puzzles that provide entertainment for the whole family. Select the level of difficulty that works best for your family, from our 350-1000 piece puzzles. We also have fun children’s puzzles.. Need more ideas for the kids? Check out our fun collection of garden tools, games and project kits that will keep them busy and active all summer long. We have something for everyone: Hand Print Art Kits, Paint Your Own Piggy Bank Kits, Hop Scotch and Bowling Kits, Sidewalk Chalk, and more. These are great healthy ways for your kids and you to explore and play this summer!

Customize your Shade


Treasure Garden Umbrella

The Treasure Garden Company has spent 30 years providing the best value, quality and selection of shade products available in the industry. We stock a wide assortment of fabrics that come in a kaleidoscope of colors to coordinate with your garden style and décor.  You can also select different color frames to match your outdoor furniture. These high quality umbrella frames are guaranteed for up to 2 years and the fabrics for up to 5 years, depending on your selection. Also available are various shapes and sizes up to 11ft. You can customize them even more by adding lighting and even a media center. Visit Treasure Garden's website to see the amazing variety of products available.

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Meet the Staff


Jean (aka Jet)

One might ask, “How did Jean get nicknamed, ‘Jet’?” Well, no need to wonder if you observe her rate of speed and her ability to multi-task and complete any given project she takes on. This energetic, self motivated employee has been with us since 2008. She has managed to seamlessly co-ordinate being a mother and an employee. Her knowledge of plants and how to care for them comes from years of home gardening in the Santa Cruz Mountains and from gardening and landscaping for clients. This experience gives her the depth of knowledge to help customers find the right plant for even the most challenging sites. Jet is responsible for ordering and maintaining the roses, as well as assisting in the ordering and maintenance of the perennials and other blooming color. Her co-workers describe her as a staff person who cheerfully goes the extra mile for them and for customers. Jet expressed that her favorite role is assisting customers in selecting the perfect plants for their landscapes…and successfully out-smarting the critters that they may be battling.



Tessa joined our staff in January of 2011 after being encouraged by her long-time friend, Kylie, who also currently works here. She started as a cashier and quickly advanced to becoming the head cashier, which includes patiently training all new employees. She demonstrates her artistic skills through the wide variety of custom color planters she creates that feature succulents or Fairy Garden Themes. She has also added to her list of responsibilities the ordering of all fountains & garden décor. As a buyer, she puts a lot of thought into each order to try to find interesting and unusual items for our customers. Her co-workers appreciate her kind, nurturing and genuine personality.  She shared with us that some of the most rewarding aspects of her job are her co-workers who have now become new friends, and also the opportunity to share her creative talents with customers.

July 2014 Garden Guide

Because we all understand the need to conserve water this year, we want to encourage plant lovers to garden wisely by following a few important water conserving tips.
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Most established trees and shrubs can be watered deeply every other week. Some drought tolerant trees can be watered monthly and still remain healthy. Check the soil for moisture before watering whenever possible. Mulching with 2 inches or more of Gardner & Bloome Soil Building Compost will help reduce the need to water dramatically. During hot spells, you may need to do additional watering.


Spruce up your garden by planting color spots in prominent focal areas. Because of water restrictions, limit these areas to ones that you can view easily such as near your front door or on the edge of your patio. The use of large pots filled with fresh flowers that look like living bouquets is another way to brighten the garden. Flowering perennials and annuals are available in money-saving 6 packs, 4 inch pots or one gallon pots. Be aware: new plants will still need frequent watering, sometimes even twice a day during hot spells. To use water efficiently, water in the morning, or better yet, install an automatic drip irrigation system.


Lawns need special attention during the summer. Mow them no lower than 1 1/2 inches high. The mornings are the best time to water. Feed with a lower nitrogen, slow release, lawn fertilizer such as Gardner & Bloome Organic Lawn Fertilizer to keep lawns green and healthy without encouraging excessive growth. These practices will help save water and reduce fungus problems such as brown patch and other lawn diseases. For lawns that do get fungus problems, use organic Serenade Lawn Disease Control.


Stake and feed your tomatoes and other container raised vegetables with Dr. Earth Liquid Organic All Purpose Fertilizer. Tomato Cages and Spiral Stakes can be used to support not only tomatoes but also cucumbers, beans, and squash. It is still not too late to plant beans, corn and tomatoes. You still have until at least mid month!


Deadhead flowers and lightly fertilize. We use ¼ - ½ strength Maxsea All Purpose on all our hanging baskets and container flowering plants on a weekly basis to ensure constant nutrients for healthy growth and an abundance of flowers.


Dig and divide overcrowded Bearded Iris clumps. Take cuttings to start perennials such as Geraniums, Marguerites, Shasta Daisies and more.


Mulch areas with Western Bark Chips to help give your garden a finished and professional appearance. Mulching also helps save water, reduce weeds and retain nutrients. For best results, we recommend a 2” layer on the soil surface, but keep 4-6” away from the trunk of your plant. Each 2 cu.ft. bag will cover 12 square feet.


Watch for insects and diseases and treat as needed. Tomatoes and roses are particularly subject to leaf blights, powdery mildew, and other fungal diseases. Use Serenade, registered for use in organic gardens, to help control or suppress many of these common plant diseases. Unsure about what may be causing your plant’s damage? Bring in a fresh cutting in a plastic bag or take a close-up picture of the damage on your phone. Let our experienced staff help identify the problem and find a solution!

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